Dinosaur Hats

The Salvation Army in Canada has contacted me recently about the order I put in. For what you might ask? Well of course for dinosaur hats.

Every year, literally several dinosaurs die from having there head too cold during the winter. I thought as a gesture of kindness, I would order 15,000 hats from Canada, and have them shipped to the Dinosaur Crisis Centre. This way, not only I. but you as well can help make sure a dinosaurs head does not get cold. This way, all the Stego’s in the hood of Detroit wont be in peril come this winter.

So the last question is, what have you done in your spare time? Have you donated a hat or two to a dinosaur in need? What other acts of kindness have you performed since the Dinosaur Act of 2010? We need to show compassion to our reptilian brothers, and I believe this is MY first true step to achieving this, and I hope you can find yours at somepoint soon to.

Remember: A warm headed dinosaur is a happy headed dinosaur.

Signed, The Dinosaur Crisis Centre

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