Excellent Work!

Today marks history for the most successful talk like a dinosaur day of all time!

Congratulations everyone! We did it! I have been seeing people acting like T-Rex’s all day! My T-Rex contacts from Killiniq from Canada have been super thrilled about the event! Also, I have been receiving emails consistantly all day discussing stories about YOUR day today so far!

What I would like to see is YOU being a dinosaur to help raise awareness! Email us at dinosaurcrisiscentre@hotmail.com with a link to YOUR video! If we like it (and we like all dinosaur videos!) we will put it up on the site as a feature! I will even give you my opinion in one of the upcoming podcasts! How cool is that?

Here at the Dinosaur Crisis Centre, we want to bring awareness to sick and dying dinosaurs.

Today we accomplished that, thank you.

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One Response to Excellent Work!

  1. jordanpeca says:

    Reblogged this on Jordan Peca's Place and commented:
    This will quickly become a world-wide annual event.

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