The History of Dinosaur War 5

It was 65 million years ago.

The Dinosaur Government was under constant fire from the public. Dinosaurs were no longer allowed to voice their opinions about the Dinosaur Act Bill of 65,674,456 BC. This caused an uproar among all dinosaurs.

The following next few weeks, a rebel group of dinosaurs grouped. Known as the Rebel Dinosaurs, they attacked the government in protest of this heresy. Unfortunately, after two years of constant civil battle among dinosaurs, the Dinosaur Government initiated a meteor strike, to cleanse the dinosaurs out for good.

Unfortunately this did not work, as many dinosaurs were able to avoid the blast altogether. The survivors formed the Dinosaur Crisis Centre, a hospital for dinosaurs with no home, and no place to go in this new world filled with humans.

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One Response to The History of Dinosaur War 5

  1. jordanpeca says:

    For years I’ve known about this, but every time I revist these historical moments… really makes me sad. All the rebels wanted was peace, the ability to voice their personal views, casual Fridays…..and apple pie with banana ice cream Tuesdays. I really don’t think that’s too much to ask.

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