Reader Fan Mail!

With lots of people just now joining the Dinosaur Crisis Centre community, I thought it would be a great time to share some fan mail! Here is one from a Diplodocus out in Switzerland:




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Thanks for the great support Diplodocus! You see, here at the Dinosaur Crisis Centre we take a dinosaurs concerns, spin them in a circle, and create miracles. One Brachylophasaurus wrote to us just a few days ago, and had these kind words of wisdom to say!


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Haha! Wow how cute! Thanks Brachylophasaurus! Your words definitely hit the ears and sweet spots of everyone here at the Dinosaur Crisis Centre! That reminds us all here at the Dinosaur Crisis Centre, why don’t we get some of your fan mail on the site? Crazy I know!

All you have to do is send an email to


If we like what you’ve written, we will post it so everyone can see it! Have a safe and happy week from everyone here at the Dinosaur Crisis Centre!


-The Dinosaur Crisis Centre




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    Always nice to hear from the fans!

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