About the Dinosaur Crisis Centre

Death, despair, and then Hope.

The Dinosaur Crisis Centre was founded in the late 65 millions. The founding members are made up of people who are passionate, dedicated, and thrive to keep dinosaur mentality alive and well. The meteor may have wiped most of them out, but hopefully this community can thrive and come together to pull through anything!


7 Responses to About the Dinosaur Crisis Centre

  1. alicat28 says:

    Very informative and funny! 😉

  2. jameserno says:


  3. This is an important cause, if you find the subject matter to be funny, then please leave. Dinosaurs need to be treated as equals, not as a matter of humour.

  4. Barbara says:

    Myrtle for one, is alive & well; http://looneyatoms.com/tag/greek-spur-thighed-tortoise/

    We don’t believe in meteors here in Surrey 🙂

  5. Barbara says:

    She is well…. But worrying about Meteors so refusing to go to bed. Any suggestions?

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