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Click here for the IMDB of the film! This film is about the specie hatred humans dictate towards dinosaurs in today’s day and age. All lovers of dinosaurs should be sure to check out Jurassic Park! It has superb acting … Continue reading

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A Fantastic Tale!

A very inspiration story about Darcy the Dinosaur!

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Let’s help to stop violence against dinosaurs!

I have seen the worse of it personally. Humans, dinosaurs, it doesn’t matter who we are, nobody cared until we put up the Dinosaur Crisis Centre WordPress blog. We need everyone to be treated equally in this day and age. … Continue reading

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Reader Fan Mail!

With lots of people just now joining the Dinosaur Crisis Centre community, I thought it would be a great time to share some fan mail! Here is one from a Diplodocus out in Switzerland:   “hfvfb              kjvm.,xvcknmkjriuogdfsjkvnvk  fdjfdshureuioreioi49843jkfgjkfdljfgjf…fdglkmgoijer89fjvcbjkfsdfgkjhertusdafljkhsadfkjlsdaflkjsdfjklasdfh!!!ejfdsgfsddfskjldsf … Continue reading

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The History of Dinosaur War 5

It was 65 million years ago. The Dinosaur Government was under constant fire from the public. Dinosaurs were no longer allowed to voice their opinions about the Dinosaur Act Bill of 65,674,456 BC. This caused an uproar among all dinosaurs. … Continue reading

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The Horrors of Dinosaur War 5

Not everyone is aware of what terrible actions occurred during Dinosaur War 5, the battle right before the meteor strike was initiated. I plan to create a post tomorrow detailing all the horrors of what happened tomorrow, but here is … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Crisis Centre Podcast 2!

Click Here to have a listen to it! Here is the highly anticipated Dinosaur Crisis Centre Podcast 2!

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