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Wow! This is amazing! We had an honorable mention given to us by a radio station in Canada called CKDJ 107.9! It is great to see our community uniting and growing as one! Everyone here at the Dinosaur Crisis Centre has heard this and absolutely loved this mention! It cheered up a sick stegosauras we had in bed today in our Dinosaur Hospital!

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Sing Along Everyone!

The Dinosaur Crisis Centre has gone back in time to before Dinosaur War 5, where dinosaurs lived amazing lives. Now, they live in fear and terror. Hopefully this video will bring awareness to how happy they lived before.

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Here is a great number of theories dinosaurs have everyday! They are very smart and intelligent creatures, who know more than the everyday person realizes. If you could take a moment, go through some of these excellent theories and evaluate them to your own life. Maybe you will learn something from them!

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Excellent Work!

Today marks history for the most successful talk like a dinosaur day of all time!

Congratulations everyone! We did it! I have been seeing people acting like T-Rex’s all day! My T-Rex contacts from Killiniq from Canada have been super thrilled about the event! Also, I have been receiving emails consistantly all day discussing stories about YOUR day today so far!

What I would like to see is YOU being a dinosaur to help raise awareness! Email us at with a link to YOUR video! If we like it (and we like all dinosaur videos!) we will put it up on the site as a feature! I will even give you my opinion in one of the upcoming podcasts! How cool is that?

Here at the Dinosaur Crisis Centre, we want to bring awareness to sick and dying dinosaurs.

Today we accomplished that, thank you.

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This always cheers me up.

This always cheers me up.

I have found with the struggles of being a man in the younger years of society, that sometimes I just need to have a smile from time to time. Luckily, tomorrow is my favorite day of the year, and I hope you will participate. Of course I am talking about Talk Like a Dinosaur Day. This day was made in early 32 million BC by the Dinosaur Crisis Centre, to bring awareness to the dinosaur epidemic.

The picture I am showing you does not represent dinosaurs being capable of playing Free Bird on guitar. By no means are they even capable of doing so, there arms cannot reach out that far. What this picture represents is equality. Equality where one day, man and dinosaur can laugh, grow and share experiences with one another. You see, this dinosaur is expressing his love for humanity to YOU. Yes, YOU.

Have a happy Talk Like a Dinosaur Day! And make sure to check back for a special podcast tomorrow!

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Here is the first edition of the Dinosaur Crisis Centre Podcast. The truth will set you free. Like a butterfly, but hey, they somehow got past the meteor.

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Get Ready!

I was able to find this video with more sounds of dinosaurs in preparation for talk like a dinosaur day tomorrow! I can’t wait to see the massive support from everyone tomorrow who talks like a dinosaur! Remember, bringing awareness to dinosaurs will help bring more people into out dinosaur loving community!

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